Calendar Maps To 2020 Help You Plan For Your Best, Most Organised (And Most Informed!) Years Ever! [New Maps]

Calendar Maps To 2020 Help You Plan For Your Best, Most Organised (And Most Informed!) Years Ever! [New Maps]


Are you actively planning for the future but constantly struggling to keep track of work, family and hobby commitments? Perhaps you are planning next years holiday but are already failing to keep up with all the family members activities to identify a 2 week window when you are all available? Maybe you’re the one who is overloaded and can’t keep your Outlook calendar up to date with your every changing schedule. It’s always such a pain editing those events one by one isn’t it, especially on your smart phone screen!. Are you actually here for that show whose advert you’ve just scene but which isn’t actually on in your town until November next year? And what about that legendary St Patricks Day night out with the boys / girls (what day of the week is it on again next year)?

So what’s the solution? Well our Calendar Maps in digital mindmap format, combined with the versatility of the MindManager mindmapping software you know and love, go a long way to giving you back as much detailed control of your schedule as you want whilst still enabling you to see the bigger picture. Use them to keep track of everything that is, was, may be, or may not be, happening in your (and your families) life for the next few years – we have calendar maps available up to 2020! (Calendars for 2015 and previous years are also still available).


Calendar Map Types


Generic Calendar Maps denote generic month & dates by text and graphic but do not identify individual days of the week.
Use our FREE generic calendar map to create your own basic annual planner maps for as many years into the future as you want (also available as a generic academic calendar).



Basic Calendar Maps denote the actual year and month, and day of the month and day of the week by text and graphic, including weekdays and weekends. However unlike in our standard calendar map there are no sub-branches with notable diary events or links to relevant articles on Wikipedia.
Use our Basic Calendars for more detailed planning (because they are more straightforward for us to create, the next 5 years at least are always available on our online store).



Standard Calendar Maps show months and days all uniquely identified by year, month, day and day of the week graphic and textual description. There are also over 300 further sub-branches showing selected diary events of international public significance which contain links to the relevant web page(s) about them (eg. Wikipedia, United Nations). Events include:-

  • Astronomical Events (lunar cycles, equinoxes etc.)
  • Commemorative Days
  • Cultural / Environmental / Health / Human Rights Issue Awareness Days
  • Profession Awareness Days
  • Major Religious Festivals
  • United Nations Official Days
  • Civil Observances

There are also nationally significant days & public holidays specific to a particular country. Currently we cover the United Kingdom and the United States, but there is also a general edition without national events for each year so you can add those for your own particular country.
Use our Standard Calendars to help you have your best, most organised (and most informed!) year ever! Obviously with unique graphics and over 300 diary events these maps take a lot more effort to create, however we aim to have Standard Calendars available on our website for the next 2 years at least (but we will create them for later years if you want, just get in touch).



All our Calendar Maps also come with a FREE Time Related Templates Map which can be used in conjunction with the calendar map to create your own diary and timeline branches to the level of chronological detail you require. (map will be added to your cart automatically)!


Uses of Our Calendar Maps

The uses of of our calendar maps are at least 3-fold (but I am sure you can think of more):-

  • Stand-Alone Calendars – They can be used as stand-alone calendar maps to record whatever you would want to in as much chronological detail as you require, be it for work, family, hobbies, personal journal or blog, whatever.
  • Source Templates – They can be used as a source template to add calendar branches to other maps. The fact that entries can incorporate hyperlinks to websites or other documents, text and images as well as extracts from other maps, and that significant public events are already listed (even for events that shift around the calendar every year eg. Easter), makes it a very powerful tool for self-organisation, forward planning and time management. Just as importantly though it will serve as a fantastic historical record of your year, not to mention digital archiving tool.
  • Public Education Resources – Users can discover further information about the public events in the world and perhaps make a connection that they wouldn’t otherwise have done.


Specific Tips For Use

  1. Using the FREE Time Related Template Map included in the download with any Calendar Map, “mix & match” the branches to create days of sufficient chronological detail to suit your purpose eg. copy and paste the “minutes in an hour” into each “hours in a day” branch and copy all of them onto the day branches of the calendar map to plan your day to the nearest minute! (Note during “copy and paste” the formatting of the branch contents will change to that of the theme of the map you are adding to).
  2. Create an “Annual Planner” map using our FREE Generic Calendar Map to keep a permanent record of events that always recur on the same date every year, such as birthdays, or have some other predictable occurrence eg. a hobby club that meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, or a festival that always takes place over the Easter holidays. If you then maintain this Annual Planner map as a “living document” that is always to hand (eg. by putting it on your online “Mindjet Connect” account), you can then simply copy and paste branches to your new diary map to get a “heads-up” for planning the forthcoming year.
    Note: A good tip is to insert a hyperlink to the relevant webpage on the branch of the Planner Map (eg. the club events or diary page) so that you can easily take note of the exact dates of future events when you come to fill out your new diary map for the forthcoming year.

See the About Our Maps section for the full list of general hints & tips for working with our maps.

Watch our Standard Calendar walk-through video below, or go to the future years calendars category to start getting back control of your schedule!



We value your feedback, suggestions & comments so we can keep improving our ground-breaking geographic and knowledge mapping products & sevrvices.  Please leave it below?

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