Mindmapping software is the ideal tool for brainstorming new ideas, many of which will have to be turned into projects in order to be realised. Project management therefore is a very logical extension of the use of mindmap software and so we have now created a dedicated Project Management category on our online store for maps that will help you in this task. As a “starter for 10” we have created a Project Management Web Resources map.


As it sounds, and as you have by now come to expect from us, this is a comprehensive webmap of the websites of organisations and initiatives devoted to the art, craft and industry of Project Management. The websites are categorised as follows:-

  • Background Information
  • Member-Based Project Management Organisations
    – International (May have national & local chapters)
    – National (Will have local and possibly international chapters)
  • Project Management Websites & Initiatives
  • Project Management Media Channels
    – Blogs
    – Magazines & Journals
    – Video Channels
  • Project Management Digital MindMapping Resources

Apart from the resources available only to members of the member-based organisations, all the websites and information resources there-in are free to access. With links to over 3600 webpages, our Project Management Web Resolurces map is a fantastic resource for project managers, helping them to find free online resources quicker and easier, so both their projects and their careers run smoother with a lot less stress!.

Icon_Product_Project_Management_Resource_Webmap_144x48Watch our Standard Calendar walk-through video below, or go to the Project Management Web Resources Map product page.



Not sure about using digital mindmaps for Project Management? Watch the video of Sergey Soloviovs’ talk on “Using mindmapping software to inject structure to support project health”, given at the Biggerplate Unplugged Mindmapping Conference In London in March 2015.