Unless you’ve been asleep for the last month you’ll know that it’s finally polling day for the 2015 UK Parliamentary General Election time here in the United Kingdom. If you’ve still to cast your vote (still got a couple of hours there guys ;-), or you’ve done your civic duty and have now got a bit of time to spare whilst waiting for the results to come in, why not have a look at our UK Parliament 2015 General Election Atlas (Geographic Layout) map, This is the first of our definitive General Election maps – a results map will follow as soon as we can.  This atlas map shows all 650 UK Parliamentary constituencies arranged by home nation, region and ceremonial county. With over 4700 branches hyper-linked to a range of free websites with definitive and comprehensive information about the constituencies and candidates involved (including the BBC, TheyWorkForYou and Wikipedia), this map is the ultimate 2015 UK General Election information resource for politicians, voters and political anoraks alike!.


MindManager Information Cartography Proof Of Concept Map

As you are no doubt aware from our recent post on the Mindjet Blog, we are keen to promote the use of digital mindmapping software like Mindjet MindManager as an information cartography tool. Well this map is a real information cartography fest! It uses just about all the features that MindManager 15  has to offer – topic styles, text marker “geo” tags, icon marker “geo” tags, topic properties and calculated formulas. If you haven’t used some of these features before, have a play with them on the map and see how they are implemented “in anger”.

Go to the product page of our UK Parliament 2015 General Election Atlas (Geographic Layout) map now.

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