Our other passion for the last 20 years is combining that same unique range of data / information / knowledge hunting & cartographic expertise with Corel (formerly ‘Mindjet’) MindManager – the world’s best information (‘mind’) mapping software – to create visually structured knowledge maps (‘hierarchical tree diagrams’) that capture & delineate just about any ‘knowledge space,’ as well as being a visually structured index of – and portal to – official / definitive / plain old useful knowledge resources about it.

We first perfected this process through knowledge mapping the ‘real world geographic spaces’ with which we were familiar (or so we thought!), and then encouraged by results, the ‘time space’ – both universal ‘knowledge spaces’ that are fundamental to the way we humans make sense of, structure, manage and navigate our world.

(Note you can see here an illustrated ‘walk through’ of the process of turning an official spreadsheet of information found in the online public domain into a visually structured knowledge map, taken from our ScotlandTheMap project).

Realising the value of these new  ‘knowledge atlas’ and ‘knowledge calendar’ maps to everybody trying to build a better world whilst struggling with information overload, we decided to share them via our digital download map store, in both HTML5 and orginal MindManager format. HTML versions can be viewed by anybody using any modern browser, on any device, on or offline, without the need for any plugins, whilst anybody with access to MindManager software can use the MindManager format maps as ‘ready made’ templates to amend, adapt & repurpose (in whole or in part) in their own projects so they do not have to re-invent the knowledge wheel each time.

We also offer a bespoke knowledge mapping service for clients, as well as consultancy so they can benefit from our extenstive expertise. Along with our fellow partners in the MindManager International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Network we offer a complete MindManager consultancy service to help others to get the most value from this most amazing tool.

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The introductory videos and case studies above are by real organisations talking about the different ways they use MindManager’s many knowledge mapping capabilities to help them to do what they need to do – quicker, easier and with a lot less stress 🙂


Why MindManager?

Why MindManager?

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'Off The Shelf' MindManager Map Content

'Off The Shelf' MindManager Map Content

Professionally crafted knowledge maps of definitive, public domain knowledge resources in MindManager & HTML file format that will save you a ton of time getting started on your own projects.
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Bespoke MindManager Map Content

Bespoke MindManager Map Content

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MindManager Map Audits & Optimisation

MindManager Map Audits & Optimisation

We can audit your existing MindManager map libraries and map-making processes and suggest ways in which they can be improved to maximise the benefit they bring to you and your organisation...
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MindManager Training

MindManager Training

Take your MindManager skills to the next level with one-on-one or group training tailored to your circumstances and desired outcomes and delivered online or onsite, using your own maps if you want so you can apply your new skills there and then.
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MindManager Consultancy

MindManager Consultancy

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MindManager International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Network

MindManager International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Network

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MindManager Macro & Add-in Development

MindManager Macro & Add-in Development

MindManager is the only information mapping software that has a rich, well documented API. This makes it possible to develop off the shelf add-ins and bespoke macros that can extend its already great capabilities in many ways...
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MindManager Licensing

MindManager Licensing

As a Value Added MindManager Partner we are able to offer licenses with our partner discount along with the bespoke package of consultancy, 'done for you' services and training you need to get you started on your MindManager journey...
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Why Knowledge Mappers For MindManager Services?

Why Knowledge Mappers For MindManager Services?

You are expert at what you do. Here's why you we can help you do it better with knowledge mapping...
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MindManager User Reviews

MindManager User Reviews

Words of praise for our ground-breaking knowledge maps from those that have benfited...
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Why MindManager?

Commissioning the standard School Travel Health Check spatial analysis plus Packs for all schools benfits multiple stakeholders interested in how children travel to each school, from where, and how far they travel to get there, in multiple ways…

Quantify and visualise all schools

The STHC quantifies and visualises the actual pupil travel situation for all schools at both a collective and individual level, over a prolonged period of time, in a consistent way.

Engage constructively with all schools

The STHC enables officers to engage simultaneously with all schools across an authority at an operational level, in a consistent, meaningful & constructive way, whether or not they actually collect pupil usual mode of travel, or have a travel plan, using their own data.

Target modeshift resources better

The STHC identifies the schools where behaviour-changing shift to more active and sustainable modes of travel on the "school run" is more likely to be achievable, and so resources can be targetted better. `

Set SMART Modeshift Targets Locally

The STHC enables schools to set local SMART* targets (*Sustainable, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) to deliver modeshift "on the ground" in the short, medium and longer term.

Benchmark and monitor modeshift progress

Annual STHC analysis shows how much progress is being made and quantifies how well SMART targets are being met.

Build up a robust modeshift evidence base

When repeated every school year, the STHC analysis results build up into a robust evidence base that helps to inform the strategic planning & funding of modeshift supporting services & infrastructure.

Enable informed public debate

The STHC enables the debate around the important issues of active & sustainable travel within a school community to be based on the actual situation "on the ground", not speculative presumption and tabloid style, “knee-jerk” opinion.

Inform both strategy & operations

The STHC provides both the "big picture" required at the strategic planning level, whilst still being detailed enough to enable resource targetting at the operational level.

Always compare "apples with apples"

The straightforward nature of the spatial analysis - "as-the-crow-flies" - and the fact that we have results at an individual pupil level which can then be aggregated by any criteria required, means changes in results are due to changes in the ground..

"Off The Shelf" MindManager Map Content

As part of our ongoing mission to “connect people with the information they need to know using maps (of all sorts)”, we are creating useful (often funamental) knowledge framework maps of public domain information using Mindjet MindManager, and making them available on our online mapstore at www.knowledgemappers.com for the benefit of all.

As much as is possible our maps link to the definitive online source of the information, like an organisation / inititiative official website. They also link to Wikipedia articles if possible, to complete the virtuous circle of public knowledge (see our blog post).

There are 3 routes in to our Public Domain Information maps:-

“Off The Shelf” Maps – Available In Store

We have tried to make it is easy as possible to discover the maps on our site. Use the Map Categories menu on the top left of the page to browse our maps by :-


by Subject Category – Drill down through the subject categories arranged A-Z.


by Business – Maps that are of relevance to particular business processes or sectors. These will also be listed under a particuar subject category.


by Geographic Area – Maps that pertain to a particular geographic area such as a country or region. These will also be listed under a particuar subject category.


Free maps – Contrary to received wisdom there is such a thing as a free map!


Coming Soon – Maps that are currently in production but not yet ready for sale will be listed here. There will be a product page and description for them but probably no images. Maps will be listed as “out of stock” and it will not be possible to add them to your shopping cart, but it will be possible for you to add them to your Wishlist.


Map Author – Maps are listed here by name of the author. Cuirrently this is just Knowledge Maapers but we hope to add to our range of contributers in the future.


New Arrivals – Maps that have been added to the site recently will be listed here as well as under the other categories

Users obviously will also have the option of a Free text search of the map descriptions using the search box at the top of each page.

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Bespoke MindManager Map Content

We love creating information maps and, due to the range of layouts, formatting tools and information embedding options that MindManager has compared to other information mapping software, these can take many different forms and fulfill many different purposes.

What we love most about our maps is that they provide a cartographically designed, “visual knowledge framework” that enable users to:-

  • discover information of potential use to them more intuitively.

  • put / keep it within a “bigger picture” context.

  • add thier newly discovered information to it and make it their own. For example our atlas maps and calendar maps help users organise information by geographic space and time.

Please contact us directly to discuss your bespoke MindManager map requirements.

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MindManager Map Audits & Optimisation

Information mapping is a great tool, but just like anything else it takes time & practice to develop your skills and your own way of doing things that works best for you and your organisation. In the process  a lot of maps can be created that can get a bit out of control if left unchecked, especially if there are a lot of engaged and enthusiastic MindManager users involved!

Let us use our expertise to audit your existing MindManager map libraries and map-making processes and suggest ways in which they can be streamlined to maximise your efficiency.

Please contact us directly to discuss your MindManager map optimisation requirements.

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MindManager Training

Take your MindManager skills to the next level with one-on-one or group training tailored to your circumstances and desired outcomes and delivered online or onsite.

  • Software Focused Training – We will walk and talk you through the different feature-sets of MindManager from basic “how to get started using MindManager” for complete beginners. through “I know my way around now, show me how to take it to the next level” for intermediates who are comfortable with using the basic features, to “Becoming A MindManager Master” for those who really want to take it to the max! We can include MindManager add-ins if appropriate.

  • Application Focused Training – Learn how to apply MindManager feature-sets to get what you want to do done! From “MindManager for Job Role X”, to “Using MindManager to Achieve Outcomes X,Y and Z” type training tailored to you and your organisation. We can incorporate your existing maps and practises into the training.

 Training sessions can be delivered in a variety of ways

  • Remote Skype & Screenshare – works well with one-to-one training

  • On-premise – We can train individuals at their desk, or groups can be trained together in a suitably sized room that clients can provide on their premises or locally. Ideally sessions are “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)”, however training can take place in IT suites if the software is installed.

You can bring your own maps to the training session so you can apply your new skills there and then to your current projects and realise immediate benefit. Our coach will be happy to give you some advice.

Please contact us directly to discuss your MindManager training requirements.

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MindManager Consultancy

We have over 18 years experience with using MindManager. When we first started using it it soon became our ‘go to digital tool of first resort’ for working visually with any sort of information. Even though dozens of ‘mindmapping’ software tools have emerged on the scene since then, MindManager remains our no 1. The reason it still remains so is because it has grown as the wider technology has, developing many unique features and capabilities not found in any other software.

New / Aspiring Users
Let us set you up with MindManager software licenses and sufficient training to get you started using it for your own benefit We can provide ongoing “as-and-required” traing and advice to help you as you gain confidence in its use.

Existing Users
Let us help you take your MindManager use to the next level. Perhaps extending your use of MindManager to other areas of your business with a mixture of bespoke new knowledge framework maps and templates, add-ins and ongoing training and advice.

Please contact us directly to start your MindManager journey.

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MindManager International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Network

The MindManager International Value Add Partner Network are a group of professional companies & individual consultants with a passion for MindManager, the world’s best information mapping software and the only one with an application programming interface (API), which makes it possible to develop macros and add-ins that automate processes as well as further extend it’s already formidable & unique functionaity.

Our many decades of combined MindManager knowledge, experience & expertise enables us to offer training, consultancy, support & development solutions that are second to none, to all types of users across the world.

Many MIVAP members are official Authorized Mindjet Partners.

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MindManager Macro & Add-in Development

MindManager is already a great digital information mapping software tool “out of the box”, but it is also currently the only one of its type that has a rich, well documented API (Application Programming Interface). This makes it possible to develop macros and add-ins that greatly extend its capabilities in bespoke ways…

  • “Off-the-shelf” – There is already a great range of “off-the-shelf” MindManager add-ins available, most of which have been created by fellow members of the Mindjet International Value Added Partner network. We can offer help and advice in using these add-ins to extend the benefits you get from MindManager.

  • Custom – We can also commission the creation of new add-ins on your behalf from our partners once we understand what it is you wish to achieve (see our wheel re-invention abhorence above ;-).

Please contact us directly to discuss your MindManager macro & add-in requirements.

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MindManager Licensing

As a Mindjet International Value Added Partner we are also a value-added reseller of MindManager software. This means we are able to sell the software at an official partner discount compared to the recommended retail price.

So where does the added-value come from? Well unlike a simple software distributer, we can also offer a bespoke package of all the training and services you need to get you and your organisation started using and benefitting from MindManager in your particular industry.

There are further discounts for volume licensing of MindManager Enterprise (>10 users), as well as discount rates for Government / Academic / Charity users.

Please contact us directly to discuss your MindManager licensing requirements.

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MindManager User Knowledge Maps

Did we mentionwe have a digital download store of knowledge maps made using MindManager? 🙂 Obviously there is an entire category of maps of knowledge resources specifically benefit users of the world’s best information mapping software (along with all the other great content).

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Why Knowledge Mappers For MindManager?

If you read about our ethos you will see that 2 of the things that make us most mad in life are:-

  • the waste of human resources through needless re-invention of wheels.

  • the failure of people and organisations to make the most of the knowledge resources that already exist so they can “stand on the shoulders of giants” and get more done, quicker, and more efficiently, which ultimately benefits us all. 

As individuals and employees we often can’t really do much about the former as it is often an institutional failing that is foisted upon us. However the latter is frequently just due to the lack of suitable information management tools and training in how to use them at the individual level. Even though the information they need is out there, people can’t lay their hands on it in the form they need, when they need it, so they can do what they are trying to do. Or worse still, don’t even know the information they need already exists so they don’t have to go and recreate it.

This could be for a variety of reasons but it is usually not because of lack of information itself. More likely it’s the other way round – too much information, too much of which is irelevant “noise”, kept in too many different places, in too many different formats for one person to keep track of let alone synthesise and act upon.

This is where MindManager, the worlds leading information (“mind”) mapping software, comes in. We firmly believe that its intuitive to use, flexibile, productivity-boosting features enables people to :-

  • stay in control of their workflow and not feel overwhelmed by “information overload”.

  • collaborate in disparate teams in a timely, efficient, transparent and inclusive manner.

  • make connections and gain business-intelligence insights they didn’t have before.

  • take it to the next stage of being able to act upon their understanding of the information by giving them the means to brainstorm solutions, create implementation plans, work break-down structures and individual task lists etc., all within the same software environment that they discovered and synthesised the information in in the first place!

All this helps individuals and organisations save time & money, increase their return-on-investment, and ultimately get a lot more done with a lot less stress… :-).

It is our professional missions to offer our expertise and experience as MindManager products and services that help the rest of the world to do just that!

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We're The Only Ones Doing This

Not only are we the No 1 company creating & publish knowledge resource maps and providing 'done for you services' as well as consultancy & training for you to do it for yourself we are the only one!

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Years Of Experience

We have decades of collective professional experience of all aspects of the sourcing, creation, analysis & sharing of information to provide meaningful insight to stakeholders.

MindManager Official Value Added Partner

As one of MindManager's International Value Added partners we feed in to the Beta development program and can draw from a huge pool of knowledge to help you get the most from the world's best information mapping software.

MindManager User Reviews

Here are some honest reviews from new and experienced MindManager users…

Featured MindManager Product & Service

MindManager User Knowledge Maps

FULL webmap (5636 hyperlinks over 6620 topics 4 or more levels deep) of online resources for Mindjet MindManager, the worlds leading information (“mind”) mapping software and personal productivity tool. All resources are internally mapped as extensively as possible (e.g. a website “resource” will have sub-topics of all links listed in the site navigation menus). The main categories of MindManager resources mapped are:-

  • Background Information – Articles from Wikipedia and other sources on Mindmapping, Mindjet and MindManager.

  • Official Websites – All the websites created by Mindjet to support MindManager users fully mapped:-

    • Main Company Website(s)

    • User Help & Support (including the MindManager online help file)

    • Social Networks

    • Video Channels (493 videos)

    • Map Sharing

  • Mindjet International Value Added Partners (MIVAPs) – premier bespoke map content, training, software add-ins, consultancy and free tips and tricks from the worlds top MindManager experts.

  • Add-Ins – Extend the already awsome functionality of MindManager with software add-ins, all produced by MIVAP experts. Prices range from FREE to ridiculously amazing value for money considering how much time they save you and boost your personal productivity tool!

  • Map Files / Content – Save time by sourcing pre-made maps, templates & map parts, or get a professional to create them for you!:-)

    • Free Maps / File Sharing

    • “Off The Shelf” Map File Stores

    • Bespoke Map Creation

  • Blogs – Get MindManager-related news and expert tips and tricks for free. All individual posts within the blogs are listed:-

    • Official MindManager Blogs (1983 posts)

    • Mindjet International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Blogs (392 posts)

    • Other MindManager Related Blogs (203 posts)

we have worked closely with friend & neighbour renowned artist Andrew Crummy in his work on the many community tapestries he has designed. We print out his 1x1m, 0.5x1m & 0.5x-0.5m design templates at full size, which he then hand-draws his design onto. The design is then traced onto linen panels and then sent out with the hand-coloured colour print to an army of hundreds of volunteer stitchers across the country, who realise it as a tapestry. We are immensely proud to be part of this great civic endevour.


Please share this page with your networks and others you think will benefit from our visual working.