Up till now our Countries of the World Template and Research Atlases have only been available as an alphabetic list arranged A-Z (all be it with marker tags of UN defined Macro Geographical (Continental) Regions And Sub-Regions so the maps can be filtered to show the countries only in these regions). Well we’ve now gone one stage further and arranged the countries by region and sub-region from the get-go and arranged the region branches such that they appear where you would expect to see them on a standard world map. We’ve also added some simple images to the main branches that put them in geographic context.

All in all we’ve now got visually compelling new additions to our atlas range that provide the basic geographic, visual framework for users to create their own country-based maps with, saving them hours in the process. The associated text marker and flag icon groups based on the regions, sub-regions and countries are still there that enable users to “geo-tag” (and of course “geo-filter”) branches on any existing maps by simply copying and adding them to the marker index.




As with our A-Z atlases these new geographic layout style maps are available as a basic Template Atlas with a single branch for each country (290 map branches in total), and a full Research Atlas with 16 sub-branches hyper-linked to definitive and free online information resources about each country (making a grand total of some 5725 branches!!). Go map your world!




Icon_Product_Project_Management_Resource_Webmap_144x48Watch our Countries of the World Research Atlas (Geographic Layout) walk-through video below, or go to the Countries Of The World Category page.


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