MindManagers New Mojo – 17.1 Released & The Story So Far [MindManager News]

MindManagers New Mojo – 17.1 Released & The Story So Far [MindManager News]


You may have noticed that MindManager has got a new “mojo goin’ on”, with a huge “buzz” around the MindManager universe over the last few months. The latest news to come out of Mindjet is that the first update of MindManager 2017 for Windows (version 17.1) has now been released (you can download it from the support page here).

Here at Knowledge Mappers we’ve been very busy keeping up with developments, and channeling some of that new vibe into developing & expanding our range of MindManager resources and services and giving our own mojo a bit of a boost. This has meant we’ve been pretty quiet as far as blogging goes, but all that’s about to change. Before we make any announcements of our own though, in this post I want to recap the MindManager 2017 story so far so we’re all up to speed (and show off one of the new product features – the Timeline Layout applied to our Standard Calendar – in the process!).


MindManager 2017 – Timeline Of Important Events


Aug 9 – Mindjet & MindManager bought by the Corel Corporation. With hindsight this should not have been a surprise as Mindjet had been internally de-merging the MindManager & Spigit Engage businesses for quite some time beforehand (official Mindjet Blog announcement).

Aug 30 – Beta versions of MindManager 2017 for Windows and MindManager 10.5 for Mac released to Mindjet International Value Added Partners (MIVAPs) for evaluation and feedback. As this is the most major version release for quite some time, Beta Testing was a busy time for us all as we got to grips with the great new features whilst at the same time planning how they could be incorporated into our products and services for the future benefit of our customers.

Sep – Weekly “Sneak Peek” blog posts by Michael Deutch, VP of Products at Mindjet, showcasing one of the new features of MIndManager 2017:-

Oct 5 – MindManager 2017 For Windows released to public (official Mindjet Blog announcement)

Oct 6 – MindManager 10.5 For Mac released to public (official Mindjet Blog announcement)

Oct 11 – MindManager 2017 For Windows very favourably releview by The MindMapping Software Blog

Dec 7 – Update For MindManager 2017 For Windows released (MindManager Version 17.1 )


Knowledge Mappers New Mojo

As we have said already MindManager 2017 is the most major version release of MindManager for quite some time and it opens up great new possibilities for users, not the least of which is for information map publishing and sharing (which we are very keen on ;-)). Thus over the next couple of weeks we’ve got a whole bunch of announcements to make about a whole bunch of exciting new Knowledge Mappers products and services we have been working on over the last few months and can now finally be shared.

Watch the skies people….



Next Time – Knowledge Mappers 2.0 – #1 You Need To Know Where You Are Now Before You Can Move To A Better Place!


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