Annual Calendars – General International

Annual Calendars – General International

Annual Calendars – General International

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2026 Annual Calendar - Base
2026 Annual Calendar - Base
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Our General International Annual Calendar maps build on the visual knowledge framework of the Annual Base Calendar for the specific year in the Gregorian (‘Western’) calendar through the addition over 500 international, publicly significant diary events as knowledge seed sub-branches off of the relevant day of the year branch.

Annually recurring events included in the map cover astronomical events (eg. phases of the moon), religious observances for the world’s major religeons, official United Nations Observances, and the national days of every official ISO3166-1 country in the world. Events may occur on a fixed calendar date each year (eg. ‘Jan 1’), or move relative to day of the week (eg. ‘1st monday in June’), or be determined by the heavens (eg. seasonal equinoxes & solstices).

All the seed  branches have a rich range of visual knowledge elements embedded within, or attached to, them – such as unique icon graphic, flags, ‘traditional’ monthly calendar grid (spreadsheet) for handy reference, multiple hyperlinks to official / definitive / plain old useful online knowledge resources about the day, month or event (eg. the official event page from the organiser (if there is one), and any other useful sources (eg. there is usually a page or a sub-article on Wikipedia), and a range of time or event related marker tags that enable the map to be filtered to show only branches with those values. Together they provide a rich ‘base level’ of contextual knowledge & knowledge resource links about a specific year, not only the days and months but also the events that occured in it (see the ‘Seed Branches’ tab for a detailed description).

As well as being a versatile calendar to plan your year ahead (and become the archive index file of what happened when), this map is a knowledge portal to those regularly recurring events that shape our day to day lives as citizens of the world. We have never all mixed together as neighbours, colleagues, friends & lovers to the extent we do now in these days of globalisation, so anything that increases our mutual understanding of where we’ve all come from and where (and when) we all want to go next, can only be welcomed 🙂

  MindManager Users: You are free to edit, remove or add to the calendar map as required eg. adding your own diary events to plan & keep track of your year in general, or specific projects and milestones. Once your year is over your map becomes your instantly accessible archive file for what happened when. Your ‘business year’ doesn’t start on January 1st? Mix and match main branches from different years to create your own bespoke annual calendar map.

Explore the other tabs for comprehensive descriptions of the knowledge seed branches and knowledge link collections that make up this knowledge calendar map….

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